Tiejun Huang

Tiejun Huang , Ph.D., is a professor and the deputy director of the Institute for Digital Media Technology of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science , Peking University, and the vice director of the National Engineering Lab. of Video technology of China.
tjhuangResearch area includes digital media coding, image understanding, digital right management (DRM) and digital library. As the principal investigator of more the ten research projects sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Education of China and several international cooperation projects. He published more than sixty peer-reviewed papers and three books as author or co-author.

Prof. Huang received Ph.D. degree on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis from Huazhong(Central China) University of Science and Technology in 1998 and master and bachelor degree from Wuhan University of Technology in 1995 and 1992 in computer science.

From 1999 to 2001, Dr. Huang worked on 5C (Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, Content and Community) convergence as postdoctoral research staff of the Institute for Computing Technology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and then was assigned to the research faculty position on digital AV coding in 2002. Dr. Huang is one of the founders of the Audio and Video Coding Standard Working group of China (short for AVS) as the secretary-general from 2002. AVS was awarded the Top Ten Innovation of Information Industry at 2007 and the First Prize for Contribution to Chinese National Standard.

Dr. Huang was the deputy director of the Research Center for Digital Media of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2001 to 2003 and director from 2003-2005. He held the associate professor position of the School of Information Science and Engineering from 2002 and awarded Outstanding Staff of 2003 of the Graduated School. The main work there focuses on the China-US Million Book Project.

Prof. Huang involves in Digital Media Project (DMP) from 2005 and contributes to the DMP IDP-2 specification and leads the reference software development. He became the member of Board of Director of DMP from 2007.

Dr. Huang is the senior member of China Computer Federation and committee member of its Virtual Reality and Visualization subgroup, the council member of Chinese Institute of Electronics and it’s sub-committee on consumer electronics, the IEEE member from 2001 and ACM member from 2003. He is the recipient of the awards for “New Century Excellent Talents in University” by Ministry of Education of China. He is also the member of China National Standardization Theory and Methodology Standardization Technical Committee and the Multimedia subgroup of the China National Informational Technology Standardization Technical Committee. Dr. Huang is the member of the Board of Director Digital Media Project, Advisory Board of IEEE Computing Now and Editorial Board of Springer 3D Research Journal.