Research Funding

Currently, our team is undertaking more than 10 major national academic projects, including a 973 project, a key project from National Natural Science Foundation, a key project from National High-Tech Research and Development (863) Programme and a key project from the Key Technologies R&D Programme. In recent years, the team won in several international competitions and was awarded the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Awards 2009 set by Ministry of Education and the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards 2010.

Some of our funding are as follows:

  • Multi-camera Cooperative Moving Object Detection, Tracking and Anomalous Behavior Analysis in Surveillance Video (A Key Project Grant from NSFC, 2011-2014).
  • Learning-based Video Attention & Interestingness Computational Methodology for Interative Video Technology (Grant from NSFC, 2010-2012)
  • Theory and Metholodogies of the Correlation Analysis on Salient Moving Objects in the Multi-view Surveillance Video (Grant from M.O.E of China, 2010-2012).
  • Robust Statistical Relational Models and Relational Kernel Methods for Complex Link Data and Relational Data (Grant from NSFC, 2007-2009).
  • Video Retrieval Technology and Content Management System for IPTV (Grant from China 863 Hi-Tech Program, 2007-2008).
  • Content Analysis and Enrichment Technology for IPTV Interactive Video Services (Grant from Huawei Company, 2008-2009).